For 21 Days, I'll take you on a guided journey to utilize Facebook LIVE and Master it!  

You'll receive daily prompts to give you "done for you ideas" on 21 Ways to share your message, your brand and your story via Livestream!  

Plus, I'll teach you some "insider secret" tips and tricks from my years of working in video production and broadcast television to help you get comfortable being on camera and confident in your delivery!  

At the end of this 21 Day Bootcamp, you will be using Facebook LIVE like a pro and see your reach & business expand exponentially! 

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Here's what you can expect for these amazing 21 days of training and support: 

Support & Feedback

If you have a specific question or issue, you can share it in the group and I will answer or help you there.

Video Tutorials 

Receive video tutorials explaining best tips on setting up your shot, lighting, backdrop, and gadgets to make diving into video easy! 

Daily Prompts 21 WAYS 

Receive 21 different daily “done for you ideas” on what to talk about in your daily FB livestream and WHERE to share it.

Grow Your Audience

Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts, so you can grow your FB engagement  

Confidence on Camera

You will exponentially learn to grow your confidence in executing live video. At the end of the 21 days, you'll be in love with video and see endless ways in which to use it! 

Private Community

Start FB Live in a safe, protected, PRIVATE place. Share your setbacks and successes with the group! This group is filled with past and current students to cheer you on!  

Best Video Tips & Tricks

Tips for overcoming nervousness and self-doubt, plus how to encourage and increase audience engagement on your livestreams.

Resource Guide 

Receive a PDF listing my favorite (and very affordable) suggestions for lighting, t-stands, microphones, external cameras and mobile add-ons. Don't buy anything until you get this! 


Lise Bjarkli

Alexis Krcelic

Toni Gonzalez 


"I soooo love this group! The best class I have taken and I sign up for A LOT of courses! Thank you!" 

-Samantha Sarsilmaz

"If you all did not join April's 21 Days 21 Ways Bootcamp, you were totally NUTS!!! Even though I go live and do social media marketing, it is so enlightening the things I am learning from her. So THANK YOU so much April! You are amazing, and your talent is impeccable." 

-Myown Holmes

"Feeling incredibly grateful. Thank you April Adams Pertuis for this gorgeous community, for encouraging us all to go LIVE and just be our bold beautiful selves in the world - shining our light. I have been shining mine bright and this week has been filled with multiple examples of it being received. So much more fun when that happens!" 

-Alexandra Taketa  

Other really important Questions: 

1. I want to do the 21 Days course, but I'm challenged by the thought of being "presentable" all 21 days, how can this help? -- Yep, I get it. Let's face it, there are days we are all running around doing our thing with our hair on top of our head, no makeup on, and wearing crappy sweatpants. I hear you --- but I also think you have a real opportunity in these moments to show your audience that "real life" happens to you, too -- that you are a normal person just like they are! There are plenty of prompts throughout the course that you will want to “practice” first before going LIVE to your audience — so you will always have our small private group to use on those days when you are not feeling super presentable, but you still want to get the practice!  

2. I want to do the 21 Days course, but I'm not ready to go public yet with my message (or I don't have a public platform yet), what can I do?-- The great thing about this course is you will be added to our private Facebook group, where you can practice all of your Facebook lives. You don't have to go public with your message if you don't feel ready. The more important part is you will learn so much about Facebook live, and collect a bevy of ideas on how to use it in your social media strategy, and have tons of practice to get you more comfortable on camera -- so that when you do go live publicly, you will look like a pro! (Although I am going to encourage you to LEAP before you are ready!!)  

3. I want to do the 21 Days course, but what if I miss a day?-- Obviously, the goal is to go live 21 days in a row so that you can gain momentum -- but life happens and we all have busy schedules. It is absolutely okay if you miss a day -- you will still get the daily prompt and you can save it for another day. At the end of this course, you are going to have 21 different prompts you can rotate through long after our 21 days is over.... so you will have them stockpiled in your arsenal for later!! This is a great foundation of content you can use over and over again. 

4. What if I don’t have a business page? -- You don’t have to even have a business to take this course!! You can utilize FB Live in a variety of ways, including your personal page or Groups where your tribe hangs out! If you have a message, a story that needs to get told, then using live video is a fabulous tool for sharing your message.

5. I’m pretty comfortable with FB live, but I’m just not consistent. Is this course for me? Or is it only for someone who has never done live video before?-- The answer is YES to both! — The 21 day challenge will give you 21 different prompts of ideas to help you find new and interesting ways to connect with your audience, even if you are already using FB live as part of delivering your message. Plus, it will help you with your consistency and push you to be more bold with your visibility. You will be challenged to get outside your comfort zone — but trust me, it always feels so good on the side once you push through the boundaries. Of course, this is also for you if you have never done FB live before — we will teach everything you need to know to get started.